Cold Crashing

What is Cold Crashing?

This is where you condition your Pinter with the Brewing Dock still attached. It is not an essential step in brewing, however it will improve the quality of your Fresh Beer further.

How do I do it?

If your preference is clarity (and your fridge allows), you can condition your Pinter in the standing position with the Brewing Dock attached for the first day of conditioning at 33-40F. Below 33F could be harmful for your Pinter!

After the first 24 hours, you can then detach the Brewing Dock and continue conditioning as normal in the horizontal position.


If you have a Hopper, add this just before you detach the Brewing Dock. It is far easier to add a Hopper when the Brewing Dock is connected, and any earlier and you will lose more of the hoppy goodness! If you find that the hop flavor can be a bit much for your tastes, we'd recommend extra conditioning as opposed to putting the Hopper in earlier; this way you get more control over your Fresh Beer.

Why would I Cold Crash?

This can help to improve clarity and flavor as the cold temperature encourages more trub, (spent yeast and other waste), to drop out of the Pinter and into the Brewing Dock before it is detached.

Want to get deeper into Cold Crashing? Click this link here to get the full lowdown.
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