Topics to be taught at Granite Hills

The following is a list of topics that are candidates for presentation in the Granite Hills CODE pathway. You can add a topic at the bottom of the screen. (Your email is required.) You will be notified if the topic is approved for inclusion in the list. Actual topic scheduling will be based on votes.

You can vote for a topic by clicking in the appropriate row's rightmost column. Note that your email is also required, so that we can notify you when the presentation is scheduled.

NameDescriptionVotesMy vote
VS CodeThe Visual Studio Code editor - the perfect editor for programmers
VS 2017How to download and install Microsoft Visual Studio Community Edition
Dynamic websitesThe Five Pillars of the web: Building dynamic websites
HTML 5The Lingua Franca of web browsers
CSSHTML styling and Cascading Style Sheets
JavaScriptThe JavaScript programming language
SQLStructured Query Language
C#The C# programming language
Responsive Web PagesHow to use @Media tags to optimize your web pages for any device
PythonOne of the most popular web server page development languages
Bootstrap.jsBootstrap calls itself 'The most popular HTML, CSS, and JS library in the world.'
jQuery.jsDOM object manipulation library (fade, hide, etc)
MVC and RazorMicrosoft technology
Vue.jsThe fastest-growing (and some say easiest) JavaScript framework
React.jsFaceBook's JavaScript framework for full-featured websites
Angular.jsGoogle's function library for Single-Page App development or to add features
NUGETVersion control system (cloud-based)
GitHubEasy-to-use installer
AJAXUpdate partial page contents without refreshing the entire .aspx page
D3.jsJavaScript graphics add-on
MVC vs. Web AppWhen to use a Web App and when to use Model-View-Controller
AuthenticationWhen and how to log users into your site
JSON vs XMLHow data can be stored and retrieved as a text file
W3Schools.comLearning center for all sorts of topics for web page design
W3.CSSCSS library from
WordPressThe most popular website builder/hosting source; pay monthly ($4/$8/$24)

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