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Mission Statement
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Mission Statement

Founded in 1977, Pinter Consulting has worked with companies of all types and sizes, from one-man software companies to Exxon, Shell and Halliburton, building software to solve the client's needs.

Les Pinter, CEO of Pinter Consulting, has been both a Visual FoxPro MVP and a Visual Basic.NET MVP. His book, Visual FoxPro to Visual Basic.NET (SAMS, 2005) is the standard for comparing programming techniques in the two environments.

Working with developers based in Argentina, Mexico and Russia, Pinter Consulting can build software for less than software houses that are based in the U.S.

We use best practices in the development of your software. From agile programming to M-V-VM, we are constantly looking for techniques that make the most of the .NET framework. Your software will be state of the art.

We use third-party tools from Telerik, IdeaBlade and others to take maximum advantage of the .NET platform.

Using our Global Project Visualizer (TM) tools, you see what our developers see. Defect tracking and repair are part of the development process from the first day. Updates to your application are instantly available for download and testing.

We can convert your FoxPro application to VB or C# in less time, and for less money, than you can doing the work yourself. We know where the pitfalls are, and how to get around them.