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Core competencies

FoxPro to VB/C# migrations - As the articles on this website will make abundantly clear, you can't translate FoxPro code to a .NET language directly. I've been through some heartbreaks where that wasn't made clear, because I didn't think it was necessary to explain. However, we've rewritten hundreds of programs into VB and C#, and know what the pitfalls are, and how to translate them.

Winforms applications - .NET offers a robust environment for building traditional executables, and adds a host of capabilities that we waited years for - user experience capabilities without limits, one-touch deployment, event handling, vector graphics, truly automatic data binding, integrated web services, and many, many others. Your application will take full advantage of the .NET framework.

Website Development - MVC 5 with razor is Microsoft's latest and greatest, and it truly is a giant step forward. Integrating data into your web pages has never been easier.

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications - WPF is Microsoft's replacement for WinForms, the fixed set of controls that we've been using to design WinForms applications for 2 decades. WPF uses XAML (eXtensible Application Markup Language), the same technology used in SilverLight.

SQL Reporting Services - a full-featured reporting environment perfectly integrated with Visual Studio. We also use Telerik Reporting, which is an excellent alternative to SSRS.

Mobile Device Applications - Over 40% of all web page views last year were done using mobile devices. You can't afford not to have adaptive web pages that can be viewed properly on any size viewport. We use a variety of tools to build mobile applications that adapt to the form factor of the device.

Call (650) 464-6924 and let us build the software you've always wanted. Programmers are standing by...