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About Us

While working toward a PhD in Economics at Rice University, Les Pinter began consulting to local oil companies in Houston, Texas. Software soon became more important than teaching credentials, and the company began to grow. In 1979, Les teamed up with two friends, Mike Griffin and Bill Radding, to help develop the Magic Wand, the fourth word processor ever written for the CP/M operating system. In September of 1980, Les took a call from a 23-year-old Bill Gates, and the next day met with the Microsoft founder and sold him the source code that became Microsoft Word.

Les soon abandoned the mainframe world and became one of the country's top experts on Lotus 1-2-3, publishing "The Real Estate Guide", the first add-on for 1-2-3. Shortly thereafter he abandoned COBOL for dBASE, then FoxBASE. By the time Microsoft bought Fox Software, Les was publishing a monthly newsletter, the Pinter FoxPro Letter, which continued for 10 years. Les was ultimately named a VFP MVP by Microsoft. Les wrote a book on migrating from FoxPro to .NET, and was named a Visual Basic.NET MVP. This book became the basis of Pinter Consulting's main focus, the conversion of FoxPro applications to .NET.

Today we focus on React and React Native applications, which produce the world's fastest web pages and apps for Windows as well as IOS and Android devices.

Les Pinter John Pinter
Pinter Consulting
PO Box 384
35056 Highway 190
Springville, CA 93265   •   (650) 464-6924
Les Pinter is the CEO of Pinter Consulting John Pinter was a partner in Pinter Consulting. John passed away in 2002. He was President of the Bay Area Outreach Program for handicapped children ( We encourage donations to this exceptional organization.  
Les At Rice University circa 1970, with Dr. Adela Allen and Dr. Maria Teresa Leal
Les At Rice University circa 1970, with Dr. Adela Allen and Dr. Maria Teresa Leal